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Many years ago, I first visited Fiji under the direction of an agent who had never been – big mistake! Not long after, I became the Sales Executive for a leading Fijian boutique resort and soon realised, there were too many fabulous resorts to promote just one.


As an island loving consultant, I expanded from Fiji and over the last 15 years have experienced and explored the Pacific and Indian Oceans seeking out the best island options available for luxury travellers. Adding cruising and European islands as I gathered more intimate knowledge of destinations, my speciality portfolio has grown to encompass the best a sandy beach, blue lagoon and swaying palm has to offer!


I believe purely in paring a resort or experience with a traveller’s dream or specific desires, and never a one-size-fits-all approach. Be that a honeymoon, a family escape or multi generational gathering. A yacht charter or large ship, intimate beach bungalow coupled with a jungle experience, or an expansive villa with private staff, cultural immersion or total escapism – I know there is a perfect fit for the individual, not for all.


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