Signature Experiences Australia

Deb O

29 March 2021

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Experience Australia’s unique “Signature Experiences” from great walks, amazing fishing, exclusive golf, immersive culture tours to awarded wineries.  There is something for everyone!


Tourism Australia have partnered with select, niche, and vetted businesses to provide eight special interest options for you to truly experience Australia.

These options seek to connect travellers to unique, memorable experiences closely aligned with one’s own travel desires and passion points.  Be that off the beaten track fishing, playing at an exclusive golf course, immersing in cultural experiences, trekking Outback or rugged coastlines, or sampling and staying in the best wine regions on offer.


Signature Experiences of Australia currently comprises:

  • Wineries
  • Luxury lodges
  • Golf courses
  • Guided walks
  • Aboriginal guided experiences
  • Fishing adventures
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Cultural attractions

Full details and map locations can be found here


Add one option or a variety to your next trip, or base your trip around one of these great experiences.   If you’re seeking a Great Walk for example, there are suggested times of year to maximise enjoyment depending on region. Or fishing for a particular species on your bucket list, Great Fishing Adventures has a list of seasonality periods to tip the odds in your favour!


Check here for further information and contact Island Travel Specialists to really experience Australia your way.